We offer targeted treatments
to improving people’s lifestyles by rediscovering the balance between your inner self and outer self through the best technologies and practices.


Our team is professionally qualified and has years of experience in the beauty field.
This, so as to offer the best
experience to our customers.


We work to develop and disseminate the best technological innovations regarding the treatments we offer in our centers.


We believe in quality and precision, in suggesting the right wellness path, subjectively analyzing each patient’s imperfections, their desires, needs and health information.

Cosmo Clinic is an Italian leader in innovation and complex wellness pathways based on the best technologies available worldwide to rediscover the balance between body and mind, between the outer self and the inner self, fully embracing the concept of mindfulness and mindfulness.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the beauty field, we have been able to select a number of services that are new to the Italian market for their innovation, and we will soon introduce them to the European market as well.

Quality and uniqueness are the values we convey every day through our work: we guarantee the best results in the shortest possible time through a wide range of non-surgical and painless procedures, cosmetic products formulated with salts and minerals from the Dead Sea, and small measures that aim at the Improving the lifestyle of our clients, counteracting blemishes.



Cosmo Clinic becomes a partner in your Business:
our goal is to walk side by side with our clients, step by step, toward success. Our commitment is totally devoted to your company, explaining, training and taking care of business development.

The selection of the best portable devices:
Innovative and unique technologies on the Italian market; Minimal, intuitive and lightweight design to ensure the best results, with minimum effort, from the comfort of your home.



Bianca RavizzaBianca Ravizza
15:15 01 Feb 24
Fantastic treatment, very kind staff and the results can already be seen after two sessions. I highly recommend it.
Ilaria DemarcoIlaria Demarco
17:50 29 Jan 24
Contacted for a free facial after purchasing one of their products, in reality once I arrived I was only introduced to their treatments. The consultant was very kind, but the way to attract customers was incorrect.
Cecilia de vecchiCecilia de vecchi
15:09 24 Jan 24
Excellent services for what I tried & the staff is unparalleled in professionalism and courtesy 💯
Gabriele ColucciGabriele Colucci
10:06 24 Jan 24
Super positive experience, I had the Emsculpt treatment and honestly it far exceeded my expectations. I could feel a sensation of toning and muscle stimulation during the session, without any pain or discomfort.The clinic staff was incredibly professional and welcoming!
Oksana DoroshOksana Dorosh
09:02 24 Nov 23
I visited Cosmo Clinic in Brera. I was pleasantly surprised! Friendly and very welcoming staff! Valid products, I immediately noticed the brighter and more compact face!
Francesca LiottaFrancesca Liotta
22:58 06 Nov 23
Good evening, I waited a bit before writing, in fact I didn't even want to, but I feel obliged to inform people that the treatments done in this Institute did not work, (and not only on me) despite the fact that they guarantee you at least the 70% of the result…I was punctual and respected everything I was told!!Result: - (minus) €3600.00 which they wanted immediately and, despite having noticed the evidence, they didn't make any mention of a refund! AT THE END OF THE TREATMENT they told me that I had to talk to the nutritionist 😂 (I laugh to avoid crying)..Nice catch for the bottoms!!!!🫣However.. I don't recommend it!!! Surgery works better and costs less!Friendly staff, that's true!Have a good life everyone ☺️
מיכאל שפרירמיכאל שפריר
08:23 30 Jun 23
Very good place and good people 💯😃
Sarah El KhatibSarah El Khatib
18:05 03 May 23
The best you can find!! I am following the Cryolipolysis and laser cycle and I must say that I am very satisfied. Already last year I had a cryo on my belly and hips and now I'm doing internal external thighs I lost 5 kg obviously keeping a lifestyle suitable for the treatment .. I will certainly try their v shape treatment later .. they make you feel really pampered 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Antinea PendoAntinea Pendo
09:40 30 Mar 23
Top!! ❤️
Michael IlizirovMichael Ilizirov
19:14 17 Jan 23
Very recommended place, I had my first face treatment and I was very happy.I will definitely recommend to my friends thanks a lot Cosmo clinic!!
GUY ShtamGUY Shtam
18:35 17 Jan 23
Roy Ben hurRoy Ben hur
18:31 17 Jan 23
Very professional staf. Very highly quality of treatments.